Defining the Status Quo for Tomorrow

Forging a better future.

Tessellation is a group of visionary pioneers dedicated to Defining the Status Quo for Tomorrow, driving innovative and sustainable breakthroughs that create positive impacts for our planet, individuals and society, forging a better future.

We are committed to addressing environmental challenges and promoting responsible growth through a diverse collection of constantly evolving businesses.
Our Business

Nurturing people-oriented technologies and businesses, upskilling and enabling people to add greater value, as we facilitate the harmonious relationship among humans, machines and the digital world.

Fostering a series of innovation by continuously finding new ways for positive change. This creativity and risk-taking serves as a catalyst for responsible growth, driving progress in a rapidly evolving market.

Addressing environmental issues by developing operations, products, services, and brands that actively minimize and eliminate their environmental impact across various sectors.

Consistently delivering exceptional quality products and solutions, and striving for powering excellence across businesses, building trust that leads to long-term success.

Dynamic, agile and constantly exploring new ideas, we fearlessly challenge the conventional business models and extend our 
positive impacts
 across diverse sectors.
Dynamic, agile and constantly exploring new ideas, we fearlessly challenge the conventional business models and extend our 
positive impacts
 across diverse sectors.
Collection of Businesses
Tessellation Apparel Solutions
One-Stop Solutions to Apparel Brands, Retailers and Manufacturers
Compass Greentech
Integrated Branding, Smart and Sustainable Solutions for Accessories & Packaging 
Vertex Greentech
Sustainable & Innovative Materials Solutions
Golden Field Tech
Innovative Textile Manufacturing Infomation Management Platform
Working From Seed to Shirt in Pursuit of Perfection
The Modern Day Shirting Solution
qonvolv Ventures
Hub of Industry Knowledge and Technologies for Innovative Growth
Summation Solutions
Your One-Stop RFID IoT Solution Provider
qonvolv Systems
Entwining Human and Machine Intelligence
Exponent Envirotech
Green Technology for a Sustainable Future
Bridging Imagination and Reality
Driving Positive Impact

Driving Positive Impact by Prioritizing

  • Individuals

    Workforce Resilience | Well-being

    Nurturing the holistic
    development of
    our employees

  • Planet

    Decarbonization | Water Stewardship | Circularity & Waste Management

    Reducing the
    enviromental footprint
    of our operations

  • Ecosystems

    Technology Partnership | Supply Chain Responsibility | Community Engagement

    Forming collaborative
    networks towards
    shared goals

  • In line with 
Our People
Empowering our people and cultivating well-being
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Reframing the Water Scarcity Narrative
Tessellation Group Officially Becomes a Signatory of the United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs)
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