Defining the Status Quo for Tomorrow

Forging a better future.

Tessellation is a group of visionary pioneers dedicated to Defining the Status Quo for Tomorrow, driving innovative and sustainable breakthroughs that create positive impacts for our individuals, planet and ecosystems, forging a better future.

We are committed to addressing environmental challenges and promoting responsible growth through a diverse collection of constantly evolving businesses.
Our Business

Nurturing people-oriented technologies and businesses, upskilling and enabling people to add greater value, as we facilitate the harmonious relationship among humans, machines and the digital world.

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Fostering a series of innovation by continuously finding new ways for positive change. This creativity and risk-taking serves as a catalyst for responsible growth, driving progress in a rapidly evolving market.

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Addressing environmental issues by developing operations, products, services, and brands that actively minimize and eliminate their environmental impact across various sectors.

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Consistently delivering exceptional quality products and solutions, and striving for powering excellence across businesses, building trust that leads to long-term success.

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Dynamic, agile and constantly exploring new ideas, we fearlessly challenge the conventional business models and extend our 
positive impacts
 across diverse sectors.
Group of hands holding up a globe with a clear sky in the background
Dynamic, agile and constantly exploring new ideas, we fearlessly challenge the conventional business models and extend our 
positive impacts
 across diverse sectors.
Collection of Businesses
Tessellation Apparel Solutions
One-Stop Solutions to Apparel Brands, Retailers and Manufacturers
Compass Greentech
Integrated Branding, Smart and Sustainable Solutions for Accessories & Packaging 
Vertex Greentech
Sustainable & Innovative Materials Solutions
Golden Field Tech
Innovative Textile Manufacturing Infomation Management Platform
Working From Seed to Shirt in Pursuit of Perfection
The Modern Day Shirting Solution
qonvolv Ventures
Hub of Industry Knowledge and Technologies for Innovative Growth
Summation Solutions
Your One-Stop RFID IoT Solution Provider
qonvolv Systems
Entwining Human and Machine Intelligence
Exponent Envirotech
Green Technology for a Sustainable Future
Bridging Imagination and Reality
Driving Positive Impact

Driving Positive Impact by Prioritizing

  • Individuals
    Workforce Resilience​

    We cultivate a resilient workforce by empowering individuals to achieve their utmost potential and embrace diversity and agility. To accomplish this, we prioritize training, education, and capacity building for our employees, while simultaneously fostering a fair and inclusive environment.


    Our commitment to creating a safe and healthy workspace goes beyond mere physical measures. We empower our employees to make informed choices and prioritize their well-being in every aspect of their lives, encompassing physical, financial, social, and psychological dimensions.

    Nurturing the holistic
    development of
    our employees

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  • Planet

    Aligning with the global objective of keeping warming “well below” 2°C, we are committed to decarbonization by aiming to achieve net-zero within our own operations by 2050 and. To accomplish this, we are dedicated to enhancing energy efficiency and investing in renewable energy sources.

    Water Stewardship​

    Conscious freshwater consumption and water pollution prevention form the cornerstones of our responsible water stewardship practices. Through sustainable water management strategies, such as prioritizing water efficiency enhancement, promoting water reuse and recycling, and implementing zero-input, zero-output solutions, we strive to preserve this invaluable resource for future generations.

    Circularity & Waste Management​

    We embrace circularity by reducing unnecessary production and extending the life cycle of materials through practices like reuse, repair, recycling, repurposing, and enhancing durability. We actively incorporate circularity principles in our products and operations whenever feasible. We also implement robust chemical and waste management systems to ensure responsible disposal when it is unavoidable.

    Reducing the
    enviromental footprint
    of our operations

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  • Ecosystems
    Technology Partnerships​

    To cultivate innovative solutions for sustainability challenges, we foster collaborations and actively invest in and incubate promising projects. By leveraging our resources and expertise, we aim to drive meaningful changes and contribute to a more sustainable future.

    Supply Chain Responsibility​

    We commit to creating a responsible and transparent supply network by enhancing supply chain traceability and collaborating with our partners and suppliers, with the aim of collectively establishing a shared goal and standard prioritizing ethical practices and sustainability across our supply chain.

    Community Engagement​

    Partnering with NGOs and other institutions, we address educational needs and promote the overall well-being of vulnerable populations. Moreover, we create platforms and opportunities that facilitate connections among like-minded individuals and organizations who share our vision of a more sustainable world. Through these partnerships and collaborations, we aim to make a positive and lasting impact on the communities we serve, contributing to a brighter future for all.

    Forming collaborative
    networks towards
    shared goals

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Our People
Empowering our people and cultivating well-being
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