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DETERMINANT Launches its new Waterless Dye Collection

Recently, DETERMINANT launched the "Lead The Wave Forward" campaign, debuting the new Waterless Dye collection. The campaign focuses on educating consumers about water conservation and raising awareness about the fashion industry's water footprint.

By promoting the conscious curation of sustainable wardrobes, DETERMINANT believes that consumers should not have to pay a premium for environmentally-friendly purchases, thereby reducing the environmental impact. The Waterless Dye Collection is designed to offer quality, performance, and design without compromising on price.

The campaign was launched in Hong Kong, where consumers can experience a six-zone immersive "edu-retail" showcase at DETERMINANT's new store, LAB Concept, located in Queensway Plaza Admiralty.

This campaign demonstrates DETERMINANT's commitment to sustainability, water stewardship, and conservation. It supports A Drop of Life-Strategic Charity Partner through a donation drive, as well as various affiliated campaign partners, including Central Market, CITA, LAB Concept, Redress, Sustainable Fashion Business Consortium, Shan Shui Conservation Center, Slowood, and Y.L Yang Foundation.