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Exponent Envirotech is Awarded the HKMA/HKT Global Innovation Awards

Celebrating the success of the groundbreaking Waterless Dyeing Technology, the team at Exponent Envirotech was awarded two prestigious awards by Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA) at the HKT Global Innovation Award Ceremony on June 12, 2023.

The Execellence Award (Rising Stars) and Exellent Non-Local Entry Award (Rising Stars) were both award to the technology, reciving the two awards not only acknowledges our group's commitment towards innovation and sustainability, but it highlights the willingness of exploring outside of traditional norms, finding a new perspective on green transformation for the industry, paving the way forward for a better future.

The Waterless Dyeing Technology has been recognized as an "international leading standard" by the China National Textile and Apparel Council. The technology, developed over nearly 10 years, replaces water in the dyeing process with an innovative non-aqueous medium, reducing chemical consumption by 96%. The production setup includes recycling the medium, achieving a 99% recycling rate.

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