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Herman Chan, General Manager of Symmpix, Shares Insights at Intertextile Shenzhen Apparel Fabrics Expo

Herman Chan, General Manager of Symmpix attended HKRITA’s “Threads of Innovation: Textile X AI Exploration and Prospect” panel at Intertextile Shenzhen Apparel Fabrics Expo, an industry leading platform where industry leaders and pioneers gather across the span of three days to share insights and valuable exchange. Sharing Symmpix’s outstanding efforts in providing meaningful technology and solutions as well as insights on advancing AI technologies for the future of fashion.

As mentioned during the panel "Before using new technology, it is critical to understand the painpoints, where technology should be used with a purpose and applied to the right solution.

Symmpix is an example of meaningful technology, a technology that is precisely aimed at addressing the painpoints of the industry, advancing the product development process, providing a more practical solution.”

Believing that emergence of generative AI is not meant to replace humans, but to provide more inspiration for them. We as humans should use AI as a tool and present our unique likings, taste and style through the use of this technology. As a family of businesses, we stand strong at the forefront of innovation and excellence, where it is our priority to innovation with a purpose and create technologies for a better future.