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Symmpix Honored with Two Prestigious Awards at the 2024 Just Style Excellence Awards

Symmpix has been honored with two prestigious awards at the 2024 Just Style Excellence Awards, in the Research and Development and Innovation categories. Symmpix’s groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) merchandising and design platform, AIMDE, has been recognized for its exceptional contribution and efforts in curating excellence to transforming the apparel and textile industry.

AIMDE enables designers to rapidly convert design concepts into production-ready patterns, significantly reducing lead times and waste. The platform's intelligent fabric search feature, which harnesses natural language processing (NLP) and ChatGPT, interprets abstract design concepts and translates them into practical fabric selections. This innovative material sourcing method not only speeds up the design process, but also lessens the environmental impact by reducing the need for physical samples. Additionally, AIMDE's integration of Computer Vision technology for image recognition allows users to match uploaded images with an extensive fabric library, providing instant and relevant fabric options.

AIMDE's 3D product visualization tools also enhance communication and expedite decision-making by allowing designers to see pattern designs on 3D models within the platform, thus eliminating the need for physical prototypes and enabling real-time adjustments. AIMDE's AI-driven process has revolutionized the journey from concept to consumer, saving over 65% of the time typically spent on sourcing and design. The platform offers an all-in-one solution that encompasses sourcing, design, product development, and virtual sampling, with future plans to integrate virtual presentation and marketing.

Compared to traditional methods, AIMDE's efficiency is unparalleled, transforming days of discussion and fabric design search into a matter of clicks. The result is a comprehensive solution that not only reduces lead times and costs but also enhances the quality of work, thereby improving efficiency and sustainability in fashion design and merchandising.

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