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Wesley Choi, President of qonvolv Ventures, Introduces ECOHUES™ at the WTO-UNIDO Panel on World Cotton Day 2023

Wesley Choi, President of qonvolv Ventures, spoke at the WTO-UNIDO Panel on Sustainability and Innovation in Vienna on World Cotton Day 2023 (October 4). The theme of the panel was "Balancing Innovation and Regulation for Enhanced Cotton Quality, Yieldsand Sustainability in Cotton-to-Textile Value Chains,"where Wesley proudly introduced our Waterless Dyeing Technology, ECOHUES™.

This innovation revolutionizes traditional dyeing practices by prioritizing the environment. During the panel, Wesley emphasized the importance of adopting integrated solutions to address environmental issues. Recognizing the crucial role of traceability in value chain sustainability, Wesley also mentioned that our production teams regularly measure and verify the environmental impacts of our products. Additionally, NFC technologies in hangtags are utilized to provide customers with information about product specifications and their corresponding environmental impacts, empowering them to make more informed decisions.

Wesley, dressed in the DETERMINANT X ECOHUES™ Waterless Dye Collection, highlighted that each shirt saves up to 40 liters of water. He emphasized the features of ECOHUES™ as the world's first 100% water-free cellulose fiber dyeing technology, making cotton production fair and sustainable for all. ECOHUES™ uses a non-aqueous solvent as a replacement for water, with minimal heating requirements, making it suitable for implementation in various locations, including developing countries with limited water access and wastewater treatment facilities.