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Wesley Choi, President of qonvolv Ventures Shares Insights at the Weave Venture Innovation Program

Wesley Choi, President of qonvolv Ventures, recently participated in the Weave Venture Innovation Program hosted by Anchor Asia (Anchor Taiwan). This program brought together influential leaders and visionaries from across various industries to explore the convergence of capital, entrepreneurship, and the transformative potential of innovation.

As a speaker on the panel -"Fashion Forward - The Power of Capital and Entrepreneurship", Wesley had the opportunity to share qonvolv Ventures' strategic focus areas and the team's unwavering commitment to driving positive change within the industry. He highlighted the team’s four key focus areas: Manufacturing Excellence, Digital Value Chain, Climate Action, and Workforce of The Future.

Wesley elaborated on how as the corporate venture arm of the group, the team leverages their extensive expertise and resources to incubate and invest in startups and initiatives that are at the forefront of these pressing issues. The team's deep understanding of the industry's challenges and emerging trends allows them to identify and nurture innovative solutions that have the potential to revolutionize the way businesses operate and create value.

The participation in the Weave Venture Innovation Program underscores qonvolv Ventures' determination to be at the forefront of driving industry transformation. The event brought together like-minded leaders, thinkers, and entrepreneurs, fostering a collaborative and inspiring environment where ideas could be exchanged and meaningful connections were made.